"How unfortunate. I admired the man's commitment."

The Baroness was one of the leaders of HYDRA after the HYDRA Uprising. She was killed during S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Assassination of HYDRA Leaders.


Roundtable DiscussionEdit

File:HYDRA Council.PNG

The Baroness attended the biannual roundtable discussion of HYDRA leadership hosted at the mansion of Octavian Bloom. Also in attendance were the Sheikh, the Banker, and Doctor List, representing Wolfgang von Strucker. When a toast was given towards Daniel Whitehall for joining the Red Skull in the afterlife, the Baroness said that she admired Whitehall's ambition.

The Baroness wanted to replace Whitehall as leader of his faction; however, the others wanted the same. List decided that whoever could destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. before it could make its move against them would get the position. The Baroness and the others agreed.[1]



A kill-order was sent by Octavian Bloom and Sunil Bakshi against the other leaders of HYDRA; Lance Hunter had lied, saying that Bakshi was to be killed to keep him from his rightful place as Daniel Whitehall's replacement.

The Baroness was poisoned with a petrifying substance derived from the Diviner in her wine as she attended a restaurant. After taking a sip, her mouth and face turned to stone.[1]



Behind the ScenesEdit



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