"Open it!"
―HYDRA Lieutenant[src]

The HYDRA Lieutenant was an Obersturmführer (lieutenant) of HYDRA during World War II.


"Give the order to open fire."
Johann Schmidt and the lieutenant[src]

In 1942, the SS general Johann Schmidt invaded Tønsberg, Norway, hoping to find the Tesseract, an object of unlimited power. The lieutenant followed his general. When the HYDRA soldiers broke into the ancient church, the lieutenant ordered them to open the old sarcophagus. However, the Tesseract inside the sarcophagus was fake, and Schmidt dropped it to crash on the floor. However, a few moments later, Schmidt found the real Tesseract, and after killing the old guardian, Schmidt, the lieutenant, and their men departed.[1]


  • Uniform: During World War II, the Officer wore the black Waffen-SS Panzer uniform with the rank insignia of Template:WPS (Template:WPS). His officer cap also had the HYDRA badge instead of the SS Totenkopf badge. His uniform had the HYDRA badge instead of the SS rune patch on the right side of the collar.




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