Thor drawing

Thor's drawing of the Nine Realms.

The Nine Realms were the nine main worlds of the Universe, interconnected through the world tree, Yggdrasil / Tree of Life.


  • 1. Muspelheim - Home of the Fire Demons. It is ruled by Surtur.
    • Description: Muspelheim is an organic Dyson Sphere and is a realm of fire and brimstone. Muspelheim has not appeared in the MCU as of yet, however in the non-canon Thor: God of Thunder Muspelheim appeared to be home to the Fire Demons, so it is possible Sturter rules this land. Muspelheim is said to be one of the most dangerous worlds ever to visit, to the point where even Asgardians have a hard time preserving peace on its lands. The Fire Demons are like the Frost Giants and Dark Elves- majority are trained killers and have powers that could destroy planets. The Fire Demons had teamed up with the Frost Giants on a few occasions to attempt to take over Asgard, but under Thor’s leadership Asgard was able to defeat their foes.
    • Points of Interest:
    • Residents:
  • 2. Alfheim - Home of the Light Elves.
  • 3. Vanaheim - Home of the Vanir who are the sister race of the Asgardians and the Trolls.
    • Description: Vanaheim is the sister planet to Asgard. Some Asgardians like Hogun the Grim live on this planet- which is why it is considered the sister planet to Asgard. Vanaheim is filled up with trees and great rock structures. They are quite peaceful and always are ready to help out their friends on Asgard at a moments notice. However a few notable occurances have taken place on this planet. When the Marauders went around wrecking havok after the Bifrost was destroyed it left the NR vulnerable to attack for a while. So Vanir inhabitants had to fight a war they were sure to lose; Vanirs aren’t very good in battle. However the Marauders were eventually defeated by Asgardians when the Bifrost was restored. Two planes from Midgard flew to Vanaheim via the convergence, but that was solved when the conflict was resolved.
    • Points of Interest:
      • Abandoned city of the Vanir
      • Temple of Union
      • Folkvanger
      • Villages
      • Great Light
      • Vana (nearby planet)
      • Vanaheim Forests, Woodlands & Fields/Plains
    • Residents:
  • 4. Asgard - Home of the Asgardians (Norse Gods). It is currently ruled by Thor.
  • 5. Midgard - Home of the Humans and Inhumans
    • DescriptionEarth is the third planet from the Sun in its solar system. It is home to the Humans and Inhumans. The various races of the Nine Realms refer to Earth as "Midgard," while those living beyond the realms call it "Terra." Earth orbits around a single sun and has only one permanent natural satellite, named Luna, though usually simply called the Moon. Midgard is known as the least advanced planet of the Nine-Realms (ironically)- as they are the only planet who are unaware that they are not alone in the universe. There was a time when the Earthlings new of the gods and worshiped them, but have since forgotten and have assumed it was just them, up until recently. Midgard is a planet that is round and circuler and orbits around the sun. Midgard have been involved in a few battles concerning the other NR. The convergence affects humans probably the most out of any other realm, as humans are unaware of the hidden threats such as the convergence. Midgard is home of the Avengers, The Defenders, SHIELD, HYDRA and many other mystical events. A lot of what happens in the universe happens to earth. Recently however the earth has advanced many years and is now considered on par with the other realms in terms of technology. Most of the population on earth is not superpowered, but are just average people, no powers- just trying to make a living. These are known as Homosapiens- humans. But there are also superhuman beings- some who gained their powers from accidents- superhumans, others who were born with a super gene- these are known as Inhumans, and they tend to be more feared by the public than superhumans.
    • Regions (only in the Norse Myths):
      • Wild Woods
      • The River Pass
      • Shores of Nine
      • Lookout Tower
      • Foothills
      • The Mountain
      • Buri's Storeroom
      • Ruins of the Ancient
      • Fáfnir's Storeroom
      • Thamur's Corpse
      • Council of the Valkyries
      • The Mason's Channel
      • Tyr's Temple
      • Konunsgard
      • Veithurgard
    • Residents:
  • 6. Jotunheim - Home of the Frost Giants. It is ruled by Laufey.
    • DescriptionJotunheim is a frozen planet, home to the Frost Giants. The planet and its civilization have deteriorated since 965 A.D. due to the lack of ice magic that came from the Casket of Ancient Winters. In the Riordan universe, Jotunheim is primarily mountainous with great drifts of snow and frozen rivers and lakes. Jotunheim is the home of the Jotun’s, also known as the Frost Giants. On the planet they are ruled by Laufey, Ruler of Jotunheim. Whilst Asgard has mostly a good reputation, with very few rogues, obviously they have a few; Loki (who is barely Asgardian to begin with) and Lorelei two prime examples, Midgard is a mixed population, Jotunheim is mainly filled up with trained killers. Obviously there would be some Jotun’s that aren’t evil, but they would be in the minority. Jotunheim has been in many wars with Asgard and Midgard in the past. They were defeated by Asgard in one of their past wars and after Odin stole the Jotun’s prized possession, the Casket of Ancient Winters, their planet fell to peices. It became a wrecked land. The Asgardians and the Jotun’s had a peice treaty after the war, but this was only in place because Laufey refused to attack Asgard if Odin didn’t attack Jotunheim. The peace was disrupted when Loki staged a whole plan to allow him to become ruler of Asgard, but this plan failed and Jotunheik was half destroyed even further in the attack. Jotunheim is still a wasteland, but now with even less inhabitants and no ruler.
    • Points of Interest:
    • Residents:
  • 7. Niflheim - Also now as "Hel", is the realm of the dead and place of birth of Ymir. It is ruled by Hela.
  • 8. Svartalfheim - Home of the Dark Elves. It is ruled by Malekith.
    • DescriptionSvartalfheim is a planet forever in the event horizon of a black hole and is home to the Dark Elves. The Asgardians and other inhabitants of the Nine Realms refer to it as the "Dark World," while the Dark Elves themselves call it "Harudheen". Located in a star system that is almost completely corroded with dark matter, both Svartalfheim and the Dark Elves inhabiting it have developed under a more diverse table of elements. The only source of visible light is the black hole. Svartalfheim is the home of the Dark Elves. Malekith has been decided to rule over the Elves and command them. Svartalfheim, like Jotunheim, are enemies of Asgard, Midgard and Vanaheim and any other Asgard friend. That is also not to say the Jotun’s and Elves get along- as we learnt in TDW that the Frost Giants and Dark Elves rather dislike each other as a Giant monster eats an Elf pawn. Svartalfheim is a waste land, destroyed in a long ago war with Asgard, that put mant elves to sleep for hundreds of years. The elves were at their height when they were in command of the Infinity Stone- the Aether, Reality Stone, but after that got taken from them they fell and so did Svartalfheim. However when the convergence started up again Malekith awoke and planned to plunge the world into enternal darkness using the Aether, but was stopped by Asgardian Thor. After Malekith was killed (or injured) the Dark Elves retreated and presumably may have hidden back into Svartalfheim or drifted off elsewhere in the galaxy.
    • Points of Interest:
      • Workshops of Svartalfheim
      • Bloodmuck Swamp
      • Svartalfheim's Eastern Spires
      • Faerie
      • Portal to The Licorice half of Candyland
      • Svartalfheim’s wasteland that was created after the war between the Asgardians & the Dark Elves
      • Barren Forests, Woodlands & Flieds/Plains
      • Canyon Lands
      • Water ponds
      • Near ice age desert
      • Underground cities
    • Residents:
  • 9. Nidavellir - Home of the Dwarves.
    • DescriptionNidavellir is atom-like Dyson Sphere around a Neutron Star, it is home to the Dwarves. With a population of 300, this realm acts as the greatest forge in the universe and is legendary outside the nine realms. In the Riordan universe, Nidavellir is described as chilly and dark and the buildings are equally gloomy, though the furnishings are one-of-a kind creations. Nidavellir is a planet populated by Dwarves. The Dwarves are friends of Asgard and too like to participate in any battle. They are some of the best forgers in the cosmos: It was here that Thor’s hammer Mjölnr was created. When an Asgardian warrior Imir attempted to overthrow Odin as ruler of Asgard, he took Nidavellir hostage until Thor and other Asgardians stopped that reign of terror. After the Bifrost was destroyed Nidavellir was one of the realms open for attack, and they were taken over by the Rock Trolls. King Eitri and his people were enslaved by these monsters until the Bifrost was once more restored and Asgard returned Nidavellir to its former glory.
    • Points of Interest:
    • Residents:
  • 10. Heven - Home of the Norse version of Angels

Each Realm represents its own world


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