Omar was a member of the Ten Rings, the terrorist group who detained Tony Stark in an effort to make him build new weapons for them.


Omar was among the Ten Rings members that captured, guarded and held both Ho Yinsen and Tony Stark in an Afghan cave. Originally contracted by Obadiah Stane to kill Stark, the Ten Rings instead decided to ransom the valuable target and use him for their own gain. Stark was ordered to build weapons for the terrorist group, but he instead built a suit of weaponized armor. In Stark's ensuing escape, he blew up the terrorists' camp and destroyed the amassed piles of Stark Industries' weapons.

File:Omar Ten Rings.jpg

Omar escaped the destruction of the cave along with Raza, his commander in the Ten Rings organization. He was with Raza when they gathered the remains of the Mark I armor and turned it over to Obadiah Stane. When he came to collect the armor, Stane killed the terrorists for it instead of striking a deal with Raza. Omar was among the dead.[1]





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