"Is he close?"
"Perhaps. It does not matter. We will continue until he breaks."
―Specialist and Hirochi[src]

The Specialist is a member of the Hand who served under Nobu Yoshioka and took control of the torture of Stick.


Hand SoldierEdit

Torturing StickEdit

Under the orders of Nobu Yoshioka, the Specialist was called in to torture Stick, in order to both find the location of the Chaste's headquarters, and the draw Elektra to their location so she could be captured and become the Black Sky. Once Stick had been beaten and tied to a chair, the Specialist began pushing sharpened sticks underneath Stick's fingernails, causing him agony and seemingly making him delirious as he began muttering about how to defeat the Hand. The Specialist turned to Hirochi during the torture and questioned if Stick was close to breaking, only to be told they would continue until he died. However before the Specialist could continue, Daredevil appeared and knocked him out before then rescuing Stick.[1]





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