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Phineas Mason, also known as the Tinkerer, is a criminal who uses Chitauri technology salvaged by Adrian Toomes to create powerful weaponry.[1]


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  • In the comics, Phineas Mason is an elderly technician who started a criminal career as the Tinkerer after developing an obsession for super-humans. Besides his first job in helping Mysterio with his alien invasion hoax, he reconstructed the Spider-Mobile for Kingpin's plot against Spider-Man, redesigned Rocket Racer's skateboard, built the Big Wheel vehicle for Jackson Weele, improved the tail on Scorpion's suit, built Grim Reaper's scythe, fixed Grizzly's exo-skeleton harness, upgraded Stilt-Man's suit, modified the armor of Blizzard, improved Whirlwind's armor and weaponry, provided new throwing stars for Diamondback, and worked on Constrictor's Battlesuit and Jack O'Lantern's Platform.


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