"If you're making me an offer, get on with it."
"Looks like we've got two choices here, either I crush this case down to the size of a baseball, and nobody gets what they want, or..."
"Or we could kill you, and take it."
―Viktor Orlov and Jeffrey Mace[src]

Viktor Orlov was a former KGB agent and HYDRA operative hired by the Watchdogs to kill S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Jeffrey Mace and steal a briefcase containing evidence of Project Patriot.


Watchdogs AssassinEdit

Hunting Jeffrey MaceEdit

Born in the Soviet Union, Orlov joined the KGB before joining the terrorist organization HYDRA.

Years later, the Watchdogs hired Orlov to kill Director Jeffrey Mace. Orlov was present at the ceremony, where Yuri Zaikin did a failed assassination attempt on Mace. Daisy Johnson pushed Orlov on her way to caught Zaikin. Their plan succeeded, as Mace fly to a safe-house. With his Quinjet crashed and Mace hiding in a cabin with Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie, Orlov and his men surrounded the cabin. Mace approached them and tried to reason with them, but as a truck was exploded, they started shooting at each other. Orlov entered a warehouse to kill Mackenize. However, Melinda May busted in and the two managed to take Orlov down.[1]






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